Gameplay Summery 12/1/2011

The party met up with Leo, their manaager/cleric/megalomaniac. Together they visited God to negotiate a contact for opening trade with Redcliff. God seemed favorable to making a deal but Leo wanted to look over the contract before signing.

As Leo looked over the contract, the group headed for Gravemark. According to God, Gravemark was an active community with a water talisman which unexpectedly went dark not long ago. As the group journeyed, Twobear’s dragon egg hatched, reveling a female white dragon wyrmling. Twobears named her Nighogg.

When the group arrived at Gravemark, they found dead bodies of the townspeople as well as ancient automated defenses which were recently reactivated. They made their way into the pre-war ruins of the inner city. There were many dangerous traps set, but the party found what they believe to be the city’s water talisman.



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