10/27/2011 Game Summery

A small company of four travelers arrived in the small hamlet of Hillcrest on word that the town was in need of help with local raiders. The acting sheriff informed the party of the raiders which moved into old pre-war ruins which previously were covered with Red Fog until just a few days ago when all the Red Fog unexpectedly drifted away.

When the party approached the raider hideout at Redcliff Ruins, they dispatched the sentry by teleporting him out of his lookout tower, letting him take a nasty fall to the ground. They party then burst into the keep and made short work of most of the raiders. The few surviving raiders surrendered and were let go on promise that they would mend their ways and, at Torbjörn’s insistence, repair the fence around Hillcrest.

Exploring further into the ruins, the party found a large door guarded by the undead remains of a goliath. At first it was motionless, but it came to life when the party tried to enter the inner sanctum. During the ensuing battle, the goliath unleashed a cloud of Red Fog which threatened to kill anyone it touched in moments if they did not heal immediately. Despite the danger, the party defeated the undead fiend.

In the inner sanctum, an automated familiar mistook Sherylnna for one Madam Florina. By inquiring with it the party learned that the sanctum houses a powerful magical amplifier called the SpellForge. The SpellForge was used previously in the war as a weapon of mass destruction and is responsible for the Red Fog. It can be used to amplify any spell, including one to cleanse the world of Red Fog. However it used up its charge when it was last used and needs Mana Seeds to recharge. The last known locations of Mana Seeds, according to the assistant familiar, were all in ruins which have long since been looted, save for one still enshrouded in Red Fog. As the party left the chamber, Sherylnna instructed the familiar to only respond if it received the password “firebomb” in elvish.

Also in Redcliff ruins was a chamber were the undead occupents have been sealed off by the raiders, and the captive original sheriff of Hillcrest.

The party returned to Hillcrest where there was a celebration for the victory over the raiders and the return of Sheriff Wayne.

The next day, the sheriff told the party of his intent to move the folks of Hillcrest into the better protected shelter of Redcliff. The party trained the town’s small militia on how to route the remaining undead. With that the party took off for Bonetown to find the Savanger’s Guild.

In Bonetown the party found the remaining raiders which had promised to reform. Instead, they in an alley, about to rob a lady. Torbjörn flew into a rage and slew them.

The party found the office of the local head of the Scavenger’s Guild and bullied their way in. They met with Godwyn, who sold them the record of what was taken from the ruins in exchange for some cash and six questions of his own. With the first three he found out the party is searching for Mana Seeds. He reserved his last three questions.

The last known transactions of the Mana Seeds according to the guild records are

  • Traded to Sinclair
  • Sold to Red Hand
  • Sold to the warlord of Monarch Hall
  • Raided by a dragon while in transit near Spirepoint Mountain
  • [info redacted]
  • One local ruin remains untouched, due to lingering Red Fog



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