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Main Quest: Find the Mana Seeds

Mana Seed 1

  • Investigate the caravan raid near Spirepoint Mountain

Mana Seed 2

  • Find information on Sinclair Completed
  • Earn the Ascended’s trust

Mana Seed 3

  • Investigate Obsidian Hall, the ruins still within cover of the Red Fog

Mana Seed 4 COMPLETED!

  • Investigate the warlord of Monarch Hall
  • Obtain Cormag’s Mana Seed
  • Escape Monarch Hall
  • Bring the Mana Seed to the SpellForge Completed!

Mana Seed 5

  • Find information on Red Hand Completed
  • Return to Red Hand once all the other Mana Seeds are collected

Mana Seed 6

  • Find information on the missing Mana Seed

Side Quests

Change in Management Completed

  • Kill Cormag Ignored
  • Steal Cormag’s Treasure Completed
  • Hatch the dragon egg Completed

Little Lost Boy COMPLETED!

  • Find Timothy’s partents Completed
  • Find someplace for Timothy Completed

Boom Town

  • Find additional protection for Redcliff
  • Find a water talisman for Redcliff Completed
  • …but you entrusted it to God UNcompleted
  • Forge temporary water talismen out of sapphires
  • Secure a trade route for Redcliff Completed

For Science!

  • Obtain infant Drow “research specimens”

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