10/27/2011 Game Summery

A small company of four travelers arrived in the small hamlet of Hillcrest on word that the town was in need of help with local raiders. The acting sheriff informed the party of the raiders which moved into old pre-war ruins which previously were covered with Red Fog until just a few days ago when all the Red Fog unexpectedly drifted away.

When the party approached the raider hideout at Redcliff Ruins, they dispatched the sentry by teleporting him out of his lookout tower, letting him take a nasty fall to the ground. They party then burst into the keep and made short work of most of the raiders. The few surviving raiders surrendered and were let go on promise that they would mend their ways and, at Torbjörn’s insistence, repair the fence around Hillcrest.

Exploring further into the ruins, the party found a large door guarded by the undead remains of a goliath. At first it was motionless, but it came to life when the party tried to enter the inner sanctum. During the ensuing battle, the goliath unleashed a cloud of Red Fog which threatened to kill anyone it touched in moments if they did not heal immediately. Despite the danger, the party defeated the undead fiend.

In the inner sanctum, an automated familiar mistook Sherylnna for one Madam Florina. By inquiring with it the party learned that the sanctum houses a powerful magical amplifier called the SpellForge. The SpellForge was used previously in the war as a weapon of mass destruction and is responsible for the Red Fog. It can be used to amplify any spell, including one to cleanse the world of Red Fog. However it used up its charge when it was last used and needs Mana Seeds to recharge. The last known locations of Mana Seeds, according to the assistant familiar, were all in ruins which have long since been looted, save for one still enshrouded in Red Fog. As the party left the chamber, Sherylnna instructed the familiar to only respond if it received the password “firebomb” in elvish.

Also in Redcliff ruins was a chamber were the undead occupents have been sealed off by the raiders, and the captive original sheriff of Hillcrest.

The party returned to Hillcrest where there was a celebration for the victory over the raiders and the return of Sheriff Wayne.

The next day, the sheriff told the party of his intent to move the folks of Hillcrest into the better protected shelter of Redcliff. The party trained the town’s small militia on how to route the remaining undead. With that the party took off for Bonetown to find the Savanger’s Guild.

In Bonetown the party found the remaining raiders which had promised to reform. Instead, they in an alley, about to rob a lady. Torbjörn flew into a rage and slew them.

The party found the office of the local head of the Scavenger’s Guild and bullied their way in. They met with Godwyn, who sold them the record of what was taken from the ruins in exchange for some cash and six questions of his own. With the first three he found out the party is searching for Mana Seeds. He reserved his last three questions.

The last known transactions of the Mana Seeds according to the guild records are

  • Traded to Sinclair
  • Sold to Red Hand
  • Sold to the warlord of Monarch Hall
  • Raided by a dragon while in transit near Spirepoint Mountain
  • [info redacted]
  • One local ruin remains untouched, due to lingering Red Fog
10/27/2011 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (394XP)
  • Redcliff Raid (263XP)
  • Santum Guardians (210XP)
  • FEEEENCE! (105XP)

Total for session: 972
To next level: 147
Total for campaign: 9853

Roleplaying Rewards (394)

  • Learning about the SpellForge (53 XP)
  • Three man band (210 XP)
  • FIX THE FENCE! (53 XP)
  • Speaking with God (79 XP)
11/3/2011 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (494XP)
  • Cut off at the pass (158XP)
  • Escape Attempt part 1 (460XP)

Total for session: 1112
To next level: 2,035
Total for campaign: 10965

Roleplaying Rewards (494)

  • Working with the caravan (53 XP)
  • Investigating the ghost town (126 XP)
  • We got a gig! (105 XP)
  • Killer performance (210 XP)

Cut off at the pass (158 XP)

  • Bandits x12 (158 XP)

Escape Attempt part 1 (460 XP)

  • Guards x7 (460 XP)

Level Up!

11/3/2011 Gameplay report

The party decided to first investigate the Mana Seed held by the warlord of Monarch Hall. They
negotiated to escort a caravan bound for Monarch Hall from Bonetown. Along the way, bandits ambushed the caravan. Half of the caravan personnel were lost, but the party put an end to the bandit’s threat.

As the caravan ventured forth, the party came across a ghost town. Twobears and Alvyn went to investigate in case more bandits were waiting in ambush. The town recently experienced a massacre. The voice of an unseen person calling himself Zekiel claimed that the massacre was perpetrated by Cormag, the warlord of Monarch Hall, because the town did not pay him tribute. Zekiel said that he and his men were ready to bring change to the lands that Cormag ruled. But in order for him to do so he needs two things: Cormag’s death and Cormag’s prized treasure which he uses to inspire fear and respect from those he rules.

The party then continued with the caravan until they arrived at Monarch Hall. The ruins of the capital city are surrounded by a wall of Red Fog. Only by the work of a dozen wizards using their magic to cut a pass through the fog is entry and exit to the city possible.

The caravan ended its journey at the offices of one of Cormag’s lieutenants. Cormag is to have a festival the next day in which he received his tribute from the various territories he ruled. The party struck a deal to perform for Cormag during the festival on the lieutenant’s behalf. After a successful interview performance, the lieutenant agreed.

The next day Cormag arrived at the ceremony infront of the palace and reeived his tribute. Among the tribute was a Mana Seed from Bonetown. The party put on a performance so amazing that Cormag immediately declared that they would be his personal performers. The party was then carried off into the palace.

In the servant’s quarters, the guards began to exchange the party’s temporary bindings for special rings place on the captive’s fingers. They managed to get one on Sherylnna before Twobears initiated an escape. The party overpowered the guards and made it to the armory, but not without setting off an alarm…

XP Report 11/10/2011

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (500XP)
  • Escaping Monarch Hall (450XP)
  • Cormag Confrontation (450XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1400

  • Total XP for campaign: 12365
  • Current level after game: 6
  • XP to next level: 635

Roleplaying Rewards (500)

  • Dealing with Cormag (150 XP)
  • Obtaining the dragon egg (150 XP)
  • Outrunning the Red Fog (100 XP)
  • Finding Timothy (100 XP)

Escaping Monarch Hall (450 XP)

  • Guards x5 (375 XP)
  • Attack Dog x1 (75 XP)

Confronting Cormag (450 XP)

  • Guards x4 (300 XP)
  • Cormag x1 (150 XP)
Gameplay Summery 11/10/2011

The party carved their way through guards as they made their way out of Monarch Hall. As they reached the exit, they confronted Cormag. The party attempted to convince Cormag that the bloodshed was done by a third party, but they couldn’t counter all of Cormag’s suspicions after the bodies of his guards were found. A fight broke out and Cormag eventually gave up. They party took the Mana Seed from him and also forced him to unlock his treasure vault and took his prized dragon egg.

Cormag promised them leave of his city but when the party attempted to leave, Cormag ordered his wizards to drop the spell holding back the Red Fog around the city. The party sprinted out of danger just as the cloud of Red Fog collapsed around them.

On their journey back to Bonetown, Twobears noticed that Cormag’s treasure was in fact a dragon egg, and it was due to hatch soon. The party decided against handing the egg over to Zekiel.

The party came across a small town which has been recently attacked. There were no people left in the town except a young boy named Timothy. He said that Red Hand’s men came and took away the townpeople. The party took Timothy along with them.

When the party arrived in Bonetown, they were met by an animal messenger from Sheriff Wayne. He told the party that his people successfully moved into Redcliff and cleaned out the undead, but they had other problems. Redcliff needs additional protection against aggressive scavengers, a water talisman to purify their water and a secure trading route.

XP Report 12/1/2011

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (861XP)
  • Welcome to Gravemark (656XP)

Total for session: 1517
Total for campaign: 13882
To next level: 2618

Roleplaying Rewards (861)

  • Hatching Nidhogg (263 XP)
  • Contract Negotiations (263 XP)
  • Super Fun Happy Slide (336 XP)

Welcome to Gravemark (656 XP)

  • Defense Turret x6 (394 XP)
  • Tesla Orb x4 (263 XP)

Level Up!

Perk 10hereannow

Level Up Again!

Looks like there was a bit of XP calculation fail a while back and the party should have been level 7 for the past session or two. The problem was found and now the part is actually Level 8

Gameplay Summery 12/1/2011

The party met up with Leo, their manaager/cleric/megalomaniac. Together they visited God to negotiate a contact for opening trade with Redcliff. God seemed favorable to making a deal but Leo wanted to look over the contract before signing.

As Leo looked over the contract, the group headed for Gravemark. According to God, Gravemark was an active community with a water talisman which unexpectedly went dark not long ago. As the group journeyed, Twobear’s dragon egg hatched, reveling a female white dragon wyrmling. Twobears named her Nighogg.

When the group arrived at Gravemark, they found dead bodies of the townspeople as well as ancient automated defenses which were recently reactivated. They made their way into the pre-war ruins of the inner city. There were many dangerous traps set, but the party found what they believe to be the city’s water talisman.

XP Report 12/15/2011

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1255XP)
  • Happy Hills Havok (612XP)

Total for session: 1867
Total for campaign: 15749
To next level: 751

Roleplaying Rewards (1255)

  • Contract with God (142 XP)
  • How to Train Your Dragon (126 XP)
  • Tour stop: Happy Hills (53 XP)
  • Dealing with Red Hand (662 XP)
  • Freeing Timmy’s Parents (273 XP)

Happy Hills Havok (612 XP)

  • Red Hand Slavers x5 (612 XP)
Gameplay Summery 12/15/2011

The party returned to Bonetown and after a healthy amount of drinking, contacted God. The party signed an (unaltered) contract for the trade route to Redcliff. The party also entrusted the water talisman to God for delivery to Redcliff. God agreed, signing a napkin-sized contract Alvyn wrote up.

The party’s next destination was to find Red Hand. As the party traveled south west, they had a problem with Nidhogg getting into their rations. The party began training Nidhogg to hunt for its own food. The training is mostly successful. Though Nidhogg still cannot fly and the concept of sneaking up on prey eludes her, she enthusiastically chases down any small prey she comes upon.

On their way to Red Hand’s compound, they came across a village called Happy Hills. Unlike other ramshackle villages made in the decaying ruins of pre-war cities, Happy Hills is new, clean and beautiful. After playing for the residents and being treated to a round at the pub, Sheryl became suspicious of the apparently flawless town. After sneaking around, she found that the town is under Red Hand’s control and being built on the backs of slaves that he captures.

After Sheryl clued the rest of the party into the situation, they picked a fight with a gang of slave masters overseeing slaves at a construction site. All of the slaves collars with red arcane runes around their necks and one of the slave masters had a similar one with green runes. The part was able to determine that the red collars are linked to the green “insurance” collar, which would cause all of the red collars to detonate if the wearer of the green collar died. Luckily, the party figured out how to remove the collar safely and no slaves died.

After the fight, the party decided to steal a slave wagon and head into Red Hand’s compound. They asked for the help of the freed slaves, but all left on their own except one.

When the party arrived at Red Hand’s Compound, Alvyn was able to Jedi mind-trick a guard into giving them an audience with Red Hand himself. After the party played a song for the bewildered but bemused Red Hand, he sensed that the party carried with them the ManaSeed they took from Cormag. He asked the party what they intend to do with it and when they told him they plan to remove the Red Fog, he became rather congenial. He said he applauded their efforts and pledged his ManaSeed to their service once they had collected all the others, as his was currently being used in his quarry. The party agreeed and negotiated for the release of Timmy’s parents, at the cost of considerable gold and the lightning talisman they took from Gravemark.


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