Gameplay Summery 1/26/2012

Alvyn defended Leo during his trial. While Alvyn’s rhetoric didn’t go over as well as he hoped, his mention of fighting Drow made waves in the court room. Responding to this, the judge sentenced Leo to “community service” by place a magical ring on him that gives him the desire to slaughter Drow.

After the trial the party ran into a scientist who overheard them mention Drow in the courtroom. He brought them back to his lab and explained that he was conducting a sociological experiment needed infant Drow for his studies. For their cooperation, he supplied the party with supplies to help them navigate the Underdark.

The party returned to the surface, playing a farewell set from the deck of their airship. Unfortunately, the performance was not the highlight of their careers, to say the least.

When the party arrived in Bonetown, they found wanted posters of themselves. Cormag, furious about his defeat in Monarch Hall, placed a 100,000 GP bounty on their heads and called for his dragon and Mana Seed to be returned to him.

As the party made their way to the Underdark caves, they stopped at an abandoned cabin. At night, a desperate mob surrounded them and attempted to capture them for the bounty. During the fight, Twobears flew into a deadly rage, much to the chagrin of Getty’s efforts to make peace.

XP Report 1/26/2012

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (698XP)
  • Wanted by the Mob (1444XP)

Total for session: 2142
Total for campaign: 20542
To Next Level: 5458

Roleplaying Rewards (698)

  • Trial of the Century (376 XP)
  • Steal babies? Seems Legit. (270 XP)
  • Tour Stop: Leaving Sky Haven (53 XP)

Wanted by the Mob (1444 XP)

  • Desperate Mob x11 (1444 XP)

Level Up!

Level 10

Gameplay Summery 1/17/2012

The party went to investigate Sinclair at his hut in Bonetown. During the conversation, Sinclair said that he killed God for double dealing with the drow and that he was also on the look out for Mana Seeds. Leo decided that civil discourse wasn’t working for him and took a swing at Sinclair. He was intercepted by Sinclair’s hidden bodyguards wearing magic armor that allows them to phase through solid objects.

Sinclair decided the best way to persuade the party to help his cause was to take them on his hidden airship to the floating city of Skyhaven. It is the home of the Ascended, an enclave of Eladrin living above the clouds since the war. The party met with their elder, Tennalis. He said that the Mana Seeds would be better used to keep Skyhaven permenately aloft rather than cleaning up the surface for the “barbarians” below. The party managed to talk him into considering landing Skyhaven after the Drow have been delt with, but only after the safety of Skyhaven is assured.

The party got some info and supplies from Astrid, one of the Elder’s assistants. Alvyn volunteered to “fix things” in maintenance. Leo tried to steal a water talisman but got caught and thrown into jail. The rest of the party put together a show that ended in a riot.

XP Report 1/17/2012

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1260XP)

Total for session: 1260
Total for campaign: 18400
To Next Level: 2100

Roleplaying Rewards (1260)

  • Meet the Elder (578 XP)
  • “Helping Out” in Maintainance (126 XP)
  • Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go (63 XP)
  • Tour Stop: Skyhaven (126 XP)
  • Phase Armor Training (126 XP)
  • (Mostly) Pacifist Bonus (242 XP)
Gameplay Summery 12/5/2012

Red Hand fulfilled his end of the agreement and released Timmy’s parents. The party headed back to Red Cliff but stopped by at Happy Hills since they promised the residents an encore performance. As they were getting set up, Alvyn let it slip that they were involved in freeing the slaves from the workforce in town the other day. The guards came to arrest the party, but the party’s music and pyrotechnics at the show provided a large enough distraction for them to slip out of town.

On their way to Red Cliff, the party made camp. During the night, Red Fog rolled in and surrounded the party. Out of the fog came several undead drow. And one live one. The party killed the drow and, with some backtacking, found their way out of the fog.

When the party arrived at Red Cliff, they introduced Timmy’s family to their new home. Sheriff Wayne told them that God had not followed through with his promise and the water talisman he delivered was a shame. The party inserted the Mana Seed into the Spell Forge, and took off for Bonetown.

At Bonetown the party made their way to God’s office, but when they made it there, they found that he has been murdered.

XP Report 12/5/2012

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (735XP)
  • Ambush in the Red Fog (656XP)

Total for session: 1391
Total for campaign: 17140
To Next Level: 3360

Roleplaying Rewards (735)

  • Leaving Happy Hills in a Hurry (315 XP)
  • Saving Timmy’s Family (420 XP)

Ambush in the Red Fog (656 XP)

  • Undead Drow x6 (473 XP)
  • Red Drow x1 (184 XP)

Level Up!

Level 9

Gameplay Summery 12/15/2011

The party returned to Bonetown and after a healthy amount of drinking, contacted God. The party signed an (unaltered) contract for the trade route to Redcliff. The party also entrusted the water talisman to God for delivery to Redcliff. God agreed, signing a napkin-sized contract Alvyn wrote up.

The party’s next destination was to find Red Hand. As the party traveled south west, they had a problem with Nidhogg getting into their rations. The party began training Nidhogg to hunt for its own food. The training is mostly successful. Though Nidhogg still cannot fly and the concept of sneaking up on prey eludes her, she enthusiastically chases down any small prey she comes upon.

On their way to Red Hand’s compound, they came across a village called Happy Hills. Unlike other ramshackle villages made in the decaying ruins of pre-war cities, Happy Hills is new, clean and beautiful. After playing for the residents and being treated to a round at the pub, Sheryl became suspicious of the apparently flawless town. After sneaking around, she found that the town is under Red Hand’s control and being built on the backs of slaves that he captures.

After Sheryl clued the rest of the party into the situation, they picked a fight with a gang of slave masters overseeing slaves at a construction site. All of the slaves collars with red arcane runes around their necks and one of the slave masters had a similar one with green runes. The part was able to determine that the red collars are linked to the green “insurance” collar, which would cause all of the red collars to detonate if the wearer of the green collar died. Luckily, the party figured out how to remove the collar safely and no slaves died.

After the fight, the party decided to steal a slave wagon and head into Red Hand’s compound. They asked for the help of the freed slaves, but all left on their own except one.

When the party arrived at Red Hand’s Compound, Alvyn was able to Jedi mind-trick a guard into giving them an audience with Red Hand himself. After the party played a song for the bewildered but bemused Red Hand, he sensed that the party carried with them the ManaSeed they took from Cormag. He asked the party what they intend to do with it and when they told him they plan to remove the Red Fog, he became rather congenial. He said he applauded their efforts and pledged his ManaSeed to their service once they had collected all the others, as his was currently being used in his quarry. The party agreeed and negotiated for the release of Timmy’s parents, at the cost of considerable gold and the lightning talisman they took from Gravemark.

XP Report 12/15/2011

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1255XP)
  • Happy Hills Havok (612XP)

Total for session: 1867
Total for campaign: 15749
To next level: 751

Roleplaying Rewards (1255)

  • Contract with God (142 XP)
  • How to Train Your Dragon (126 XP)
  • Tour stop: Happy Hills (53 XP)
  • Dealing with Red Hand (662 XP)
  • Freeing Timmy’s Parents (273 XP)

Happy Hills Havok (612 XP)

  • Red Hand Slavers x5 (612 XP)
Gameplay Summery 12/1/2011

The party met up with Leo, their manaager/cleric/megalomaniac. Together they visited God to negotiate a contact for opening trade with Redcliff. God seemed favorable to making a deal but Leo wanted to look over the contract before signing.

As Leo looked over the contract, the group headed for Gravemark. According to God, Gravemark was an active community with a water talisman which unexpectedly went dark not long ago. As the group journeyed, Twobear’s dragon egg hatched, reveling a female white dragon wyrmling. Twobears named her Nighogg.

When the group arrived at Gravemark, they found dead bodies of the townspeople as well as ancient automated defenses which were recently reactivated. They made their way into the pre-war ruins of the inner city. There were many dangerous traps set, but the party found what they believe to be the city’s water talisman.

XP Report 12/1/2011

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (861XP)
  • Welcome to Gravemark (656XP)

Total for session: 1517
Total for campaign: 13882
To next level: 2618

Roleplaying Rewards (861)

  • Hatching Nidhogg (263 XP)
  • Contract Negotiations (263 XP)
  • Super Fun Happy Slide (336 XP)

Welcome to Gravemark (656 XP)

  • Defense Turret x6 (394 XP)
  • Tesla Orb x4 (263 XP)

Level Up!

Perk 10hereannow

Level Up Again!

Looks like there was a bit of XP calculation fail a while back and the party should have been level 7 for the past session or two. The problem was found and now the part is actually Level 8


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