Torbjörn Twobears

Massive, good-natured Dragonborn with a nasty bad side.


Torbjörn Twobears (a nickname he gained after being the only member of his village to ever kill a bear by hitting it with another bear) grew up in a Dragonborn village in the harsh, frozen north. He had a relatively uneventful childhood until, during a tussle with some other youths that managed to drift into the village shrine, he managed to break a stone totem. The totem turned out to be imprisoning a primal spirit known as Fenrisúlfr, the Sundering Beast- a being of hunger, violence, and destruction- which quickly made Torbjörn its unwilling host. The ensuing frenzy left his playmates dead or maimed and destroyed the rest of the shrine. Torbjörn was exiled from the village in shame to wander the land. He tried a few times to join adventuring parties, but it tended to end poorly once he lost control of Fenrisúlfr. Eventually he encountered an Eladrin bard and found that the bards music, laced as it was with arcane energies, had a calming effect on the beast within. He now travels with the bard’s party, and as long as he does so he finds himself with a greater modicum of control over the spirit. (He barely has to work at not eating his friends anymore!)

Torbjörn, despite being host to an unearthly spirit predator, is very good-natured. He is quick to laughter or to share a drink or a meal. He enjoys cooking for his friends and learning about other culture’s food. So far everyone has assured him his cooking is delicious. Torbjörn also has a very strong sense of personal honor and will never willingly break his word. Unfortunately, he’s also happy to enter a battle and enjoys a ‘good bit of roughhousing.’ The longer a fight is prolonged, the more likely he will lose his grip on Fenrisúlfr and enter a rage state. When the spirit takes over, he no longer cares about honor or fair fights or surrender, and can only be pointed at his enemies and let slip. Afterwards, Torbjörn rarely has a clear recollection of what happened, and is occasionally shocked when presented with the aftermath of his rampage.

Torbjörn’s weapon of choice is a Fullblade he has named Svältvärja, the Starvation Blade. It has absorbed some of Fenrisúlfr’s gluttonous nature and become a Great Hunger Weapon that feeds on the pain of its victims.

Torbjörn Twobears

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