Red Hand

Disfigured leader of a slave army


Red Hand is an imposing warlord controlling territory in the southwest. Slavery makes up the foundation of his forces. He uses slaves to dig in his mines and quarries, reinforcing his castle and compound, serve in his army and build settlements such as Happy Hills. In his eyes, he is rebuilding the world and setting the foundation for the future, even if that foundation is set by slaves forced by the whip.

Red Hand is knowledgeable about SpellForges and ManaSeeds. He has a ManaSeed in his possession which he currently uses to power his quarry operations. He has pledged his ManaSeed to the party once they have collected all the other seeds necessary to use the SpellForge.

Red Hand is a middle-aged man. His skin is fused to a suit of metal platemail armor, as well as a large red sword in his right hand.

Red Hand

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