Gameplay Summery 12/5/2012

Red Hand fulfilled his end of the agreement and released Timmy’s parents. The party headed back to Red Cliff but stopped by at Happy Hills since they promised the residents an encore performance. As they were getting set up, Alvyn let it slip that they were involved in freeing the slaves from the workforce in town the other day. The guards came to arrest the party, but the party’s music and pyrotechnics at the show provided a large enough distraction for them to slip out of town.

On their way to Red Cliff, the party made camp. During the night, Red Fog rolled in and surrounded the party. Out of the fog came several undead drow. And one live one. The party killed the drow and, with some backtacking, found their way out of the fog.

When the party arrived at Red Cliff, they introduced Timmy’s family to their new home. Sheriff Wayne told them that God had not followed through with his promise and the water talisman he delivered was a shame. The party inserted the Mana Seed into the Spell Forge, and took off for Bonetown.

At Bonetown the party made their way to God’s office, but when they made it there, they found that he has been murdered.



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