Gameplay Summery 1/26/2012

Alvyn defended Leo during his trial. While Alvyn’s rhetoric didn’t go over as well as he hoped, his mention of fighting Drow made waves in the court room. Responding to this, the judge sentenced Leo to “community service” by place a magical ring on him that gives him the desire to slaughter Drow.

After the trial the party ran into a scientist who overheard them mention Drow in the courtroom. He brought them back to his lab and explained that he was conducting a sociological experiment needed infant Drow for his studies. For their cooperation, he supplied the party with supplies to help them navigate the Underdark.

The party returned to the surface, playing a farewell set from the deck of their airship. Unfortunately, the performance was not the highlight of their careers, to say the least.

When the party arrived in Bonetown, they found wanted posters of themselves. Cormag, furious about his defeat in Monarch Hall, placed a 100,000 GP bounty on their heads and called for his dragon and Mana Seed to be returned to him.

As the party made their way to the Underdark caves, they stopped at an abandoned cabin. At night, a desperate mob surrounded them and attempted to capture them for the bounty. During the fight, Twobears flew into a deadly rage, much to the chagrin of Getty’s efforts to make peace.



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