Gameplay Summery 1/17/2012

The party went to investigate Sinclair at his hut in Bonetown. During the conversation, Sinclair said that he killed God for double dealing with the drow and that he was also on the look out for Mana Seeds. Leo decided that civil discourse wasn’t working for him and took a swing at Sinclair. He was intercepted by Sinclair’s hidden bodyguards wearing magic armor that allows them to phase through solid objects.

Sinclair decided the best way to persuade the party to help his cause was to take them on his hidden airship to the floating city of Skyhaven. It is the home of the Ascended, an enclave of Eladrin living above the clouds since the war. The party met with their elder, Tennalis. He said that the Mana Seeds would be better used to keep Skyhaven permenately aloft rather than cleaning up the surface for the “barbarians” below. The party managed to talk him into considering landing Skyhaven after the Drow have been delt with, but only after the safety of Skyhaven is assured.

The party got some info and supplies from Astrid, one of the Elder’s assistants. Alvyn volunteered to “fix things” in maintenance. Leo tried to steal a water talisman but got caught and thrown into jail. The rest of the party put together a show that ended in a riot.



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